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Whoops, I sort of forgot about this blog…

A while back I consolidated all my hobby blogging in one place:

I’ll also post any updates on the Space Hulk project on the new(er) blog. Hopefully I’ll see you there!

Hmm, feels kinda weird leaving here without a goodbye picture…

Here’s the Space Hulk terrain as it stands now:




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Wow, long silence, wasn’t it…

Did a little bit more on the Space Hulk. Not on the terrain itself (haven’t got the time or room to drag out all the materials and tools for that…), but I got some of the miniatures painted:

The first terminator:

And the first four Genestealers:

Little steps, but steps nonetheless…

Help wanted: Electronics

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Shortly put: I want my 3D Space Hulk to be the best I can make it. For me, that means including lighting effects that tie in to the various mission objectives.

Sadly, I don’t know the first thing about electronics :'(.  So, I’m hoping someone can help me out…. Basically, being the luddite I am, I need all the help I can get.  (Any advice is welcome: instructional sites, advice for books that teach this sort of thing to absolute and total beginners, cheap suppliers.  Anything at all.  I’m essentially a blank slate when it comes to electronics…)

This is what I’m hoping to include:

(This is the state of affairs on 25-8-09, the missions from the new SH may require additional lighting effects…)

My goal is to have appropriate lighting effects to enhance each of the missions from the 1st/2nd ed. Space Hulk core set missions.

Plus some additional lighting effects for mood or “cool” factor. J


Full Rooms/Corridors:

Mechanicus Chapel:


Room, 1 entrance: Large eagle on the far wall (with a few mm room between the wall and the eagle), dataterminals along walls, large double door with overhead lights, dais in the centre of the room for a Data-Ark (Gothic external HDD)

Lighting effects:

-6 to 8 amber/yellow lights for over the dataterminals and doors. Ideally speaking these lights gently fade between dim and near full strength, in a fairly long cycle (10 to 16 seconds, maybe more. The fade should subtle, only really noticeable when directly looking at the room.)

-2 sets white/yellow diffuse glow, behind the eagle on the far wall, constant strength. (possibly also 2 similar red glows behind Mechanicus icons, should I fit these.)

The above two effects are the core lighting for this unit.

In addition to this, I’d like 2 additional lighting effects, that can each be activated/deactivated separately from the core lighting above:

-1 bright blue-white irregularly flashing light, like sparking electricity/arc welding sparks. (see for an idea of what I mean).

-A “toxin canister port”: for description see the Loose Module number 3. It functions in the same manner.


Console Alcoves:


Room, 3 entrances, 2 Dataterminals (large), The lighting for each terminal can be activated/deactivated separately!

Lighting effects:

Per terminal:

1 overhead amber/yellow light, dimmed. Blinks on and off at random intervals (like a failing fluorescent light).

1 Monitor: irregularly flashing medium green light, with incidental flashes at maximal power. (like a failing monochrome monitor)

Ideally the consoles should also have a number of tiny “blinkenlights” (maybe done with fibreoptics and a few internal leds?)

These effects are also needed, but with 3 terminals in a separate module of  12x3x4 cm, the Communications Console




Room, 3 entrances, 7 cryotubes along the walls. The cryotubes are semi-opaque, like glass that is severely frosted over. With the lighting effects on, faint shapes can be seen inside the tubes…

Lighting effects: Per cryotube, each cryotube can be activated/deactivated separately:

Each tube is lit from within (from both top and bottom, maybe sides too?) with a diffuse, cold blue/white light. The light pulses (between maybe full and threequarters strength) with 3-4 seconds between the peaks of maximum light. Ideally there should also be random, split second flickering in the light. (At max power the light should be able to throw shadows inside the module?)


Devotionary hallway:


Corridor, 3 squares (12cm) long. One side has a massive bronze Imperial Eagle against the wall, these is a few mm room between the eagle and the wall). The other wall features a small alcove, littered with prayer parchments and seals. Below it is a small shrine (battery housing…) with candles on it.

Lighting effects:

-1 set of soft, diffuse glow (yellow-white) from behind the Eagle.

– yellow/orange flickering light for the candle flames.


  1. Derelict/damaged corridor:

Description: A corridor that has suffered severe damage when several spaceships smashed into the hulk.

Lighting effects:

1 or more sets of flickering blue-white light (“arc welding sparks”) and several red warning lights, that either blink on and off or smoothly, but quickly fade from on to off (1 second on, 1 second off for both variants).


Genestealer territory (hallway and/or room)

Description: A room or corridor that has been claimed by the Genestealers. Sections of the room/corridor have been overgrown/replaced with organic chitinous structures.

Lighting effects:

Pulsing, diffuse purple light at several locations. Flowing organic pulse, it’s rhythm is similar to the Cryopods or a hart beat rhythm. (This effect may also be used for the Genestealer entry points, in which case everything needs to fit in a 4x4x1 cm block…)




Separate Modules:


Terminator Exit points:

Description: Small (4x4x1 cm) units, to identify Terminator Exit points.

Lighting effects:

Red or green blinking light (half second on, second off, or a short flash every 3 seconds. Something like a homing beacon.


Reactor Dampening controls:

Description: Module about 4x4x4 cm in size (It’s height could be adjusted to 6 cm). It has a dataterminal on one side, the rest looks like a complex control system.

Lighting effects:

-1 Monitor: irregularly flashing medium green light, with incidental flashes at maximal power. (like a failing monochrome monitor)

-1 green “status OK” light at a prominent point on the device. If a switch is activated, the light turns red (Ideally, several other orange and red lights should spring on at other locations on the module as well!)


Airpump System:

Description: A large airpump device (8x8x4 or6 cm), at 4 locations there are connection ports for toxin canisters.  4 separate toxin canisters that fit onto/into those connection ports.

Lighting effects:

-Each connection port has a green light above it. Once a toxin canister is actually inserted, the light switches to red for that port only.


Communications Console (see Console Alcoves for descriptions).

Description: A block, 12x3x4 cm in size. The block features 3 dataterminals in a row.

Lighting effects:

Per terminal (the lighting for each terminal can be activated/deactivated separately):

1 overhead amber/yellow light, dimmed. Blinks on and off at random intervals (like a failing fluorescent light).

1 Monitor: irregularly flashing medium green light, with incidental flashes at maximal power. (like a failing monochrome monitor)

Ideally the consoles should also have a number of tiny “blinkenlights” (maybe done with fibreoptics and a few internal leds?)

Work continues…slowly

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Well, work has started again. Partly thanks to the rumours of GW rereleasing Space Hulk somewhere in the latter half of this year. But mostly thanks to the inspiring and enthousiastic people over at

The whole =I=munda “thing” some of them are pursueing is very inspiring and just happened to mesh nicely with what I had in mind for alternate uses for my Space Hulk terrain. (If I’m going through all this trouble to build it, I’ll certainly want to get the absolute maximum use out of it!)

I had my Space Hulk stuff set out for a couple of weeks already, but couldn’t find the impetus to start working on it again.

So after being inspired to build a small spacebound salvage crew:

The salvage crew, lowlives all...

The salvage crew, lowlives all...

The impetus was there, they needed a derelict spaceship to loot after all…

I had a week off, spanning Easter. Between obligations, I used those days to finish the section I had started on, but left unfinished, during my previous period of work on the Space Hulk. Once finished, that section, and it’s companion, that I had been lying around fully built, saw paint at last:

2 corridors, painted 15-04-2009

2 corridors, painted 15-04-2009


They are meant to represent “mid-decks” corridors: not the cramped, messy, machine-filled corridors of the lower decks, where the ratings dwell, but still quite apart from the opulent luxury of the commanding officers’ quarters.

They’re the type of corridors where you would encounter junior officers, ships’ aides, low ranking tech-adepts and other such functionaries. The level of ornamentation is meant to represent that, while still giving off a clear industrial image.

This is what all the finished pieces so far look when put together:

So far everything forms a coherent whole, with each section still showing individual character.  So far so good.

As always, more images can be found here.

Going into detail

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Once the bare basic were done, and I had a frame to work in, I could start adding details.

When I had decided I would start work on the Space Hulk I immediately started collecting bits and bobs which could serve for detailing. I had a root through my stockpile of scenery materials and filtered out the bits usefull for detailing the Hulk.

 Once the basic shapes were done, I staked a claim on the garage. I arrayed the bits around me, took out a couple of corridor sections and started work… By going back upstairs and spending a couple of afternoons and weekends sketching out ideas, and viewing reference materials (aka my Games Workshop books and all Aliens movies 🙂 ). As I sketched and pondered I noticed that certain ideas and designs I sketched down sparked some kind of background story/function for the corridor in question, or a simple storyline. These were the ideas I worked out more fully.

After that work could begin in earnest.

Here is one of the narrow corridors, fully detailed and ready to get painted (and currently it still remains in that state….):

This corridor shows about how deep I can make the detailing on the walls of the corridor, and still be able to move genestealers through it. The corridors are faily spacious to the old 1st edition Terminators and Genestealers. When using the new, large-base, terminators and “wide” genestealers, you really get that claustrophobic effect… This particular corridor I imagine to be used by low ranking officers. It isn’t as barren and austere as the gangways and gantries used by ratings, but still far from the opulent boulevards reserved for the highest ranks. I’ve also tagged it for use as one of the Terminators’ entryways, it’s currently in storage until I can return to working on the Hulk and finish it’s companion corridor (Which will have a slightly different style, but about the same level of ornamentation).

Oh, and I completely finished 4 wide corridor sections before the current hiatus in work on the Hulk started:

3 corridors lined with big, brass conduits, transporting who nows what throughout the ship. The smallest corridor (a 2 square one) features a Cogitator Alcove to monitor and control the flow inside the conduits.) And a fourth corridor filled with vent and intake stacks of the original vessel’s air purification system. As all the air in the ship passes through this section at one point or another the air is humid, and a thick layer of dirt and corrosion has built up on every surface.

4 down, 30 more to go… (Oh, and 6 rooms…)

And that’s as far as I got until the garage was claimed for other projects…. But the itch is starting to build again, and if everything goes well, the garage will soon be available once more. Then, another bout of building and painting can begin….

The bare basics

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Here’s what the bare frames for the corridor sections look like (A corner piece in this case):


 And here is the lot of them:

In front of them are 6 paper squares I cut out to give an idea of the size the rooms will have. The red stripe above that is a 18″ Games Workshop plastic ruler, and above those are 3 Games Workshop miniatures.

As you can see, I’ve made part of the corridors extra wide, so I can cram more detail in. In the narrow corridors I only have .5 cm (about 1/5th of an inch) to fill with detail…

 The narrow corridors are about 8 cm (3″) wide, and the wide ones are 12 cm (3.75″) wide. They’re made from 3mm thick, somewhat foamy, plasticard that gunbird gave me. The bottom is made of double thickness, for added weight and sturdiness.

Once the groundwork was done, the fun could begin…

Post one: A little history

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I’ve always liked Space Hulk. And I’ve always thought that it would be so much cooler if the floorboards were as 3D as the miniatures.  Sometime last year I decided to do just that! I spent some time measuring things (miniatures, bases, the “span” of a genestealer’s outstretched arms…) and sketching out ideas.  After that I established some basic measurements, made a “shopping list”, and started cutting and glueing plastic sheet. I made sure they were sized to accomodate both the old and the new miniatures (new Terminators have 40mm bases, new genestealers have a larger “span”).

A few weeks worth of evenings later, I had the barren skeletons for all the corridor and junction sections.  I haven’t built the rooms yet. I wanted to really go to town on those, and want to prevent myself from being restricted by a premade frame. After this I started detailing the corridors. Basically I wil be detailing and painting the corridors in small units, so I can get something completed to look at. This way I hope to prevent myself from suffering the demotivation that would come from detailing all corridors in one go, and then trying to paint all of them at once…

I’ve still got a lot to figure out though… I’ll need blips, counters and such and I have no idea how to do/make them. But first things first, and that’s building the boards themselves!

I’m not planning on using the corridors for Space Hulk alone… So much could be done with them: Playing Killteam, Boarding Actions, Necromunda, they’re just high enough to accomodate Inquisitor miniatures… I even have ideas floating around for making cards for each corridor section, so I can create a sort of 40K version of Warhammer Quest…

A word of warning though: expect this blog to regularly go on hiatus.  As the building of the Hulk demands quite some working space, I need to claim the garage for it. This isn’t always possible, sometimes the hobby needs to give way to necessity…. I’m also putting a lot of effort and energy into building it, and every once in a while I need to recharge by doing something different….