Post one: A little history

I’ve always liked Space Hulk. And I’ve always thought that it would be so much cooler if the floorboards were as 3D as the miniatures.  Sometime last year I decided to do just that! I spent some time measuring things (miniatures, bases, the “span” of a genestealer’s outstretched arms…) and sketching out ideas.  After that I established some basic measurements, made a “shopping list”, and started cutting and glueing plastic sheet. I made sure they were sized to accomodate both the old and the new miniatures (new Terminators have 40mm bases, new genestealers have a larger “span”).

A few weeks worth of evenings later, I had the barren skeletons for all the corridor and junction sections.  I haven’t built the rooms yet. I wanted to really go to town on those, and want to prevent myself from being restricted by a premade frame. After this I started detailing the corridors. Basically I wil be detailing and painting the corridors in small units, so I can get something completed to look at. This way I hope to prevent myself from suffering the demotivation that would come from detailing all corridors in one go, and then trying to paint all of them at once…

I’ve still got a lot to figure out though… I’ll need blips, counters and such and I have no idea how to do/make them. But first things first, and that’s building the boards themselves!

I’m not planning on using the corridors for Space Hulk alone… So much could be done with them: Playing Killteam, Boarding Actions, Necromunda, they’re just high enough to accomodate Inquisitor miniatures… I even have ideas floating around for making cards for each corridor section, so I can create a sort of 40K version of Warhammer Quest…

A word of warning though: expect this blog to regularly go on hiatus.  As the building of the Hulk demands quite some working space, I need to claim the garage for it. This isn’t always possible, sometimes the hobby needs to give way to necessity…. I’m also putting a lot of effort and energy into building it, and every once in a while I need to recharge by doing something different….


2 Responses to “Post one: A little history”

  1. Awesome project. That’s the best attemp at 3d hulk i have ever seen!

  2. Got some good pointers from some guys over at Heresy Online. Check out PC mods pages for cool lighting effects. gave me alot of good ideas. Plus, it being halloween and all, you can get your hands on a ton of small orange and purple lights for cheap. I want to light up my hulk with the orange lights to give it an evil look. The thing to be aware of is those lights generate heat, so I got some PVC tubing from my DIY store that I can cut and slide over the light bulbs to take the heat and keep my foam hulk components from melting.

    Have fun!

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