Going into detail

Once the bare basic were done, and I had a frame to work in, I could start adding details.

When I had decided I would start work on the Space Hulk I immediately started collecting bits and bobs which could serve for detailing. I had a root through my stockpile of scenery materials and filtered out the bits usefull for detailing the Hulk.

 Once the basic shapes were done, I staked a claim on the garage. I arrayed the bits around me, took out a couple of corridor sections and started work… By going back upstairs and spending a couple of afternoons and weekends sketching out ideas, and viewing reference materials (aka my Games Workshop books and all Aliens movies 🙂 ). As I sketched and pondered I noticed that certain ideas and designs I sketched down sparked some kind of background story/function for the corridor in question, or a simple storyline. These were the ideas I worked out more fully.

After that work could begin in earnest.

Here is one of the narrow corridors, fully detailed and ready to get painted (and currently it still remains in that state….):

This corridor shows about how deep I can make the detailing on the walls of the corridor, and still be able to move genestealers through it. The corridors are faily spacious to the old 1st edition Terminators and Genestealers. When using the new, large-base, terminators and “wide” genestealers, you really get that claustrophobic effect… This particular corridor I imagine to be used by low ranking officers. It isn’t as barren and austere as the gangways and gantries used by ratings, but still far from the opulent boulevards reserved for the highest ranks. I’ve also tagged it for use as one of the Terminators’ entryways, it’s currently in storage until I can return to working on the Hulk and finish it’s companion corridor (Which will have a slightly different style, but about the same level of ornamentation).

Oh, and I completely finished 4 wide corridor sections before the current hiatus in work on the Hulk started:

3 corridors lined with big, brass conduits, transporting who nows what throughout the ship. The smallest corridor (a 2 square one) features a Cogitator Alcove to monitor and control the flow inside the conduits.) And a fourth corridor filled with vent and intake stacks of the original vessel’s air purification system. As all the air in the ship passes through this section at one point or another the air is humid, and a thick layer of dirt and corrosion has built up on every surface.

4 down, 30 more to go… (Oh, and 6 rooms…)

And that’s as far as I got until the garage was claimed for other projects…. But the itch is starting to build again, and if everything goes well, the garage will soon be available once more. Then, another bout of building and painting can begin….


10 Responses to “Going into detail”

  1. Very nice! Seeing that brings back a lot of memories of playing SH a long time ago…

  2. That terrain is something else!

    Makes me want to get out my old copies again.

    Thought about writing up a guide for us less capable in regards to building the levels of detail up?

    Even just some tips for the project would be most appreciated.

  3. Once I get building again I could try and make a guide. Step-by-step-pictures will be a bit difficult though, as I tend to build in a frenzy of inspiration and ideas. I tend to forget about the camera until I take a break from working or stop for the day…

    I’ll just give a few tips to get you by, until I can start working on the beast again:
    -PLAN! I spent 3 months just planning what I wanted/needed, discussing how best to go about it, gathering references, collecting bits to use for scenery.
    -Make sure you get your measurements straight! You don’t want to end up with corridor sections that are too large or too small… Don’t forget to figure for the thickness of the details you will add to the walls
    -Realise things of this size and detail are long term projects, don’t expect to get it all finished in one summer. I don’t expect to finish this beast before 2010…
    -Don’t forget this is fun, don’t let it become a chore. 😉

    As to detailing:
    -Get more reference material. The more you have, the more ideas you’ll get. Leaf throught all Games workhop publications you have, looking at artwork and pictures of terrain. Look at industrial architecture, architecture in general, etc. Get the Aliens trilogy and look at all the set photo’s. Do this all with a sketchbook at hand…
    -Learn to think in layers and simple shapes. Most detail can be made by putting several layers of material on top of each other, or by combining several simple shapes. Those large vent stack, for example, are just the caps from bottles of sportsdrinks, stuck onto PVC tubing… This is camouflaged by adding some tubes and riveted bands of mayo tube foil…
    -Stock up on plastic tubing of different sizes. This projects consumes tubing like crazy!
    -Build a stockpile of odd bits and bobs. The most seemingly useless stuff can suddenly become awesome if glued into a space hulk at the right place and painted over. Take for example the vent stacks mentioned earlier. And the moulding along the top of the corridors with the massive tubes? Those are just plastic ice cream sticks…

    Hmm, maybe I should have made a post out of this…

  4. Hi,
    Do you mind if I repost your comment as a posting (with proper author tags and a link to your blog) on my blog?

    I just know it would be a handy reference for people.

  5. modhail Says:

    Bucho, sure, go right ahead!

  6. just added the post.

    If you ever get time to write up a rough step by step process I would love to see it. (even without pics)

  7. Have you made your squares 40mm wide, to accommodate the new Terminators bases?



  8. Yup, 40mm squares. And I made sure the walls are far enough apart to fit the new Genestealers in (They have a roughly 6 cm “span”)

  9. You’ve inspired me! I’m beginning my own 3D space hulk project!

    I don’t think it’ll look as god as yours (you are a very skilled modeller and painter), but hopefully it’ll capture the same atmosphere you’ve created. Sometime or other, I’ll generate some pics and share them!

  10. you could always simplify some of the basic barebones of the sections, and cast them so you have a quicker starting point to work from before you add levels of detail…

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