The bare basics

Here’s what the bare frames for the corridor sections look like (A corner piece in this case):


 And here is the lot of them:

In front of them are 6 paper squares I cut out to give an idea of the size the rooms will have. The red stripe above that is a 18″ Games Workshop plastic ruler, and above those are 3 Games Workshop miniatures.

As you can see, I’ve made part of the corridors extra wide, so I can cram more detail in. In the narrow corridors I only have .5 cm (about 1/5th of an inch) to fill with detail…

 The narrow corridors are about 8 cm (3″) wide, and the wide ones are 12 cm (3.75″) wide. They’re made from 3mm thick, somewhat foamy, plasticard that gunbird gave me. The bottom is made of double thickness, for added weight and sturdiness.

Once the groundwork was done, the fun could begin…


3 Responses to “The bare basics”

  1. Richard Phillips Says:

    Awesome!!!!! I have just started planning something similar on levels would really like to know your corridor dimensions. This is an inspiration if I ever get stuck I will check out this blog and that will be all i need to get me started again. BRILLIANT!!


    • Thanks!
      The measurements I used can be found here:

      I hope it’s legible… Squares are 40mm in size, all measurements are in cm’s. Assumed thickness of materials is 3mm.
      (By the way, the little diagram about the placement of doors inbetween squares is wrong! Doors should be centred on squares…)

  2. Richard Phillips Says:

    Thanks, now I can start planning in earnest.

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