Work continues…slowly

Well, work has started again. Partly thanks to the rumours of GW rereleasing Space Hulk somewhere in the latter half of this year. But mostly thanks to the inspiring and enthousiastic people over at

The whole =I=munda “thing” some of them are pursueing is very inspiring and just happened to mesh nicely with what I had in mind for alternate uses for my Space Hulk terrain. (If I’m going through all this trouble to build it, I’ll certainly want to get the absolute maximum use out of it!)

I had my Space Hulk stuff set out for a couple of weeks already, but couldn’t find the impetus to start working on it again.

So after being inspired to build a small spacebound salvage crew:

The salvage crew, lowlives all...

The salvage crew, lowlives all...

The impetus was there, they needed a derelict spaceship to loot after all…

I had a week off, spanning Easter. Between obligations, I used those days to finish the section I had started on, but left unfinished, during my previous period of work on the Space Hulk. Once finished, that section, and it’s companion, that I had been lying around fully built, saw paint at last:

2 corridors, painted 15-04-2009

2 corridors, painted 15-04-2009


They are meant to represent “mid-decks” corridors: not the cramped, messy, machine-filled corridors of the lower decks, where the ratings dwell, but still quite apart from the opulent luxury of the commanding officers’ quarters.

They’re the type of corridors where you would encounter junior officers, ships’ aides, low ranking tech-adepts and other such functionaries. The level of ornamentation is meant to represent that, while still giving off a clear industrial image.

This is what all the finished pieces so far look when put together:

So far everything forms a coherent whole, with each section still showing individual character.  So far so good.

As always, more images can be found here.


10 Responses to “Work continues…slowly”

  1. Yay, congrats on starting up again. I look forward to more progress.

  2. Awesome stuff. Am loving the boarding team. Gets me wanting to do a bit more work towards building a whole hulk for myself… The whole industrial underhive angle is making it even more tempting!

    Will look forward to seeing more stuff on here.

  3. additionally, where did the chest armour come from? Is this a fantasy armour piece? I don’t recognise it.

  4. modhail Says:

    The chest armour is a 40K Kroot shoulderpad (just like the knees), but blended into the IG chest armour with greenstuff.

  5. Wow, I totally didn’t see that coming from the kroot! But as I don’t collect them, and don’t even have any as a bits source, I might be tempted to get some for making my own IG boarding unit. I could also see the armour working well added to normal space marine armour…

    Hope you don’t mind if I poach the idea for some of my own minis in the future!

  6. modhail Says:

    It’s actually not really worth it to buy kroot just for those pads… There’s only 4 on a full sprue…
    Another option is to carve the shoulderpads from spare IG Cadian arms.
    The curve is about the same, but they’re quite a bit thicker and you won’t have the little details along the rim.

    Sure, poach away!

  7. Actually I was thinking of getting some Kroot for a kill team unit, but now I am thinking I may be better off just trading people for them.

    Will have to start shooting some of my stuff for my site so I can show it off…

  8. New space hulk has just hit pre-order. You going to be prompted into getting the new set?

  9. Can you tell me where did you found this awesome pattern of flat spikes at the edges of squares? Also how do you make rivets?

  10. Bucho:
    Told the local store to reserve one for me as soon as the rumours started getting serious… Called to confirm my pre-order on the 17th. 🙂
    Still going to keep building on this set though, I just need to add any possible new corridor sections this edition has.

    I made them myself. I used very thin plasticard and used a hole punch to make a row of evenly spaced holes along the centreline of a strip of it.
    Then I cut one side of the strip into the points you see.

    How I do rivets depend on the material I’m working with. When using thin plasticard or metal foil I just push out the rivet from the rear side of the material, using the tip of a round file.
    In other cases I make rivets by cutting disks from plastic rod and glue them on.

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